Hazel Welch

This was the first time I had my work produced as a giclee print, and I was delighted with the results. I usually screen-print but this particular piece was to be a one-off commission to mark the birth of a new baby. I wanted something that looked really high quality that accurately reproduced the colour. The service and end result really exceeded my expectation- the print looked beautiful and my client absolutely loved it.

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Hazel Welch - Brighton

Will Bayne Artist

I had only screen printed my images before and was a bit unsure of what to expect with a giclee. Adrian was highly knowledgeable and helpful with the process and in turn helped me to produce a print i couldn’t be happier with. His experience, knowledge and patience were  greatly appreciated. I look forward to working with him again!

Will Bayne Artist


Will Bayne Artist - Brighton

Matt Wright Graphic Designer

Adrian was really helpful and knows his stuff with getting the right stock and inks for the job. His set up is 2nd to none a real hidden gem in Brighton!! The final product came out so good it looked like a screen print. The ink coverage on the paper was the best I’ve ever seen from a printer like this.

Hands down the best place to get large format prints done.

He also knows his stuff when it comes to old motorbikes 😉



Matt Wright Graphic Designer - Brighton

“Adrian offers a unique one to one bespoke print service which is perfect for someone who needs a little more time to achieve their perfect print. His patience and knowledge along with a sense of humour made me feel like I was getting the real deal in a relaxed atmosphere”




Ivan Jones Photographer